About Tackle Your Feelings

A great footy club is more than its players, coaches or premierships. It’s a thriving, healthy community. And a healthy community starts with our minds.

Tackle Your Feelings is a training program designed for local footy clubs just like yours. It strives to improve understanding and awareness of mental health as well as build skills within your coaches to foster an environment where athletes are supported to effectively manage their emotions.

Did you know?

What does the Tackle Your Feelings training involve?

1 hour face to face training

3x online modules

Shared stories

Club accreditation

The program

With free access to the training and tools inspired by those used by professional clubs and players, you can break down the barriers of talking about mental health and learn how to role-model positive action to strengthen your club’s understanding and awareness.

Through online and face-to-face training and support, we support community coaches to broaden their capacity to influence the mental health of those within their football environment, and ultimately add to their coaching skill set.

Tackle Your Feelings exists to give you the tools to champion positive change within your community football club.

Champion positive change in your club community

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