Be a champ for your footy mates

words by Tackle Your Feelings, Monday 4 March 2024

THE REAL champs are the ones who look after their footy mates.

That is the message from TYF program ambassador Nathan Buckley and social media stars the Shepmates who have collaborated in a humorous video to underline the importance to players, coaches and clubs about investing in their mental health.

The campaign is designed to inspire suburban AFL clubs to prioritise mental health like they do other aspects of their football programs, starting with booking a free Tackle Your Feelings mental health workshop delivered by a local psychologist.

Book your club in for a FREE 90-minute mental health workshop.

Being referred to as a ‘champ’ is not always cast in a positive way, so Tackle Your Feelings is looking to reclaim the phrase and spin it around to celebrate these people who often don’t get the recognition they deserve with the role they play at their clubs.

“Clubs are beginning to understand their responsibility to create an environment which supports the mental health of their players,” program manager Adam Baldwin said.

“We want clubs to prioritise mental health in the same way they currently do physical health. Tackle Your Feelings is a free program that can help clubs kick-start the development of their own mental health game plan.”

Click here for more information about the program.