Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

words by Tackle Your Feelings, Saturday 10 October 2020

World Mental Health Day – 10 October – is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy. This year’s theme, Do You See What I See?, challenges perceptions about mental illness in Australia and encourages everyone to look at mental health in a more positive light, in an effort to reduce stigma and make way for more people to seek the help and support they deserve.

At Tackle Your Feelings, we encourage community coaches to lower their eyes so they can see what their players see. Recognising the signs and symptoms of mental health goes a long way in trying to support it. But, how do you know what you’re looking for?

Signs and symptoms:

Take the test:

No matter the competition, we see what you see. Mental health doesn’t discriminate and so we’re encouraging people to get numbers to the contest this Mental Health Awareness Week to help support our teammates, players, volunteers or anyone else around us that needs support.


There’s lots of different ways you can manage mental health – having conversations is one of them. It’s not always easy to start the conversation, or keep it going if someone says they’re not ok, so we’re sharing some valuable resources from R U OK? to help you when approaching someone that you think might be struggling.

Starting the conversation: