Team-first mentality to help school your students

words by Tackle Your Feelings, Monday 14 February 2022

Whether it is the superstar destined for the top level or the honest back pocket more likely to finish up playing after graduating, Marcus Drum’s message to school footballers remains consistent: “Team is number one”.

“If you go on to a decent level, it’s going to be about the team next year and the year after. The individual is out the window by that age,” the 2005 top-10 draft pick explained on The Coaches’ Box podcast.

Drum, who is the head coach at Melbourne’s prestigious Scotch College, said it was crucial to instil a team-first attitude in players to prepare them for their next phase of football.

“It’s a real balance because I want to see kids to show their instinct and enjoy and have fun because it’s school footy, but I also want them understand the importance of team. It’s about the next bloke there that’s going to help you,” he said.

Drum – who works as a regional manager at the AFL Players’ Association – added that striking a balance between a selfless culture and enjoyment remained high on his priority list.

“For a lot of them (students), it’ll be the last time they probably really enjoy their footy. As a coach, I think you need understand that, be aware of it. Have an impact in how they do enjoy their footy.”

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