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Video - 6 months ago

Peta Searle: A Tackle Your Feelings story

Former St Kilda AFLW coach and pioneer of women's football Peta Searle shared her mental health journey with Tackle Your Feelings.

Ambassador, Blog, Mental Health - 8 months ago

Buckley: ‘Be yourself because everyone else is taken’

Dyaln Buckley shares his personal mantra and why authenticity is key in football clubs.

Mental Health, Video - 8 months ago

Josh Hill: A Tackle Your Feelings story

Former Western Bulldogs and West Coast Eagles player Josh Hill was living out his childhood dream playing in the AFL, but internally he was facing an ongoing struggle with the pressures associated with being an elite athlete. “When you come into the AFL system, you’re instantly put on some sort of pedestal. There’s non-stop pressure...

Ambassador, Blog, Mental Health - 8 months ago

“The only thing we can control is our mindset”

TYF ambassador and Fremantle AFLW captain Kara Antonio shares her experiences in managing team expectations and goals.

Blog - 8 months ago

From the program manager’s desk…

Program Manager Nick Walsh provides an update on Tackle Your Feelings.

Blog, Mental Health - 9 months ago

Understanding the mental and physical toll of injuries

We’ve listed helpful tips for coaches to consider when supporting players who may be experiencing a tough time in their injury recovery process.

News - 9 months ago

“We want to safeguard our playing group”

Community football clubs are the lifeblood of many Australian towns. For the Stratford Football and Netball Club this statement rings true. Located on the Avon River in Victoria, east of Melbourne in Gippsland, the Stratford sporting club connects all aspects of the 2000-strong community. Devastatingly, in 2020 the club experienced the loss of a player...

Mental Health, Video - 9 months ago

Alex Johnson: A Tackle Your Feelings story

After being drafted with pick No. 57 in the 2010 National Draft, Alex Johnson had the dream start to his AFL career. The former Sydney Swans defender played 45 games in his first two seasons, including the 2012 premiership. But, a spate of serious knee injuries following a tear in his anterior crucial ligament (ACL)...

Blog, Mental Health - 10 months ago

‘Coaches are often the people that you look towards for guidance’

Melbourne's Karen Paxman shares the important role coaches have played in her career.

Mental Health, Video - 10 months ago

Gary Buckenara: A Tackle Your Feelings story

“You actually become a bit of an actor… you’re living a double life really, trying to show people you’re happy and successful whereas underneath you feel like you’re a total failure."

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