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Blog - 7 months ago

From the TYF Program Manager’s desk…

TYF Program Manager Nick Walsh discusses the challenges, opportunities and highlights Tackle Your Feelings has faced so far this year.

Ambassador, Mental Health - 7 months ago

Managing the emotions of the team and individual during a challenging time

How do you manage the emotions of your players during a challenging time? GWS Giants coach Leon Cameron shares his ways.

Ambassador, Mental Health - 8 months ago

The mental side of injuries: rehab and recovery

"Early on in my time with the rehab group I became insular and reserved... But over time I learnt to lean on my support networks more than I ever have before."

News - 9 months ago

Tackle Your Feelings joins CoachAFL

The Tackle Your Feelings program is now part of the CoachAFL platform.

Ambassador, Mental Health - 9 months ago

Managing pressure and expectations on and off-the-field

"Each game I felt like I had given my all to everything both physically and mentally but I would still be questioning my own leadership or performances."

Blog, Mental Health - 9 months ago

To spray or not to spray? Considerations around providing feedback during games

Tackle Your Feelings Program Psychologist Guy Little looks at the key considerations when providing feedback to players in-game.

News - 11 months ago

TYF recruits local psychologists to help coaches

Tackle Your Feelings has formed a partnership with the Australian Psychological Society (APS) to up skill community Aussie Rules coaches in mental health education.

Blog, Mental Health - 1 year ago

Therapist v therapeutic… What’s the role of a coach?

Coaches have told me that they wear many hats – first-aider, guider, director, trainer, mentor (the list goes on), and therapist. The therapist hat, however, doesn’t have to be one of them, but a therapeutic hat may be a much better fit. So, what’s the difference between being a therapist and being therapeutic? This blog is going to tease out the difference.

AFL Players - 1 year ago

Brighton Dads’ Army tackle their feelings

A chilly Melbourne night in Brighton was my first chance to look at the Tackle Your Feelings program. The session was held at the small but beautiful Baptist church of Brighton, and the room quickly filled as the Brighton dads & coaches walked in after work.

Blog, Mental Health - 1 year ago

Dealing with loss at season’s end

As heads hang after the sirens, players are likely to feel a range of emotions. As a coach, how do you make sense of the players’ experiences and what can you do to help them?

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