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News, Video - 1 year ago

Tackle Your Feelings visits the Riverina

Coinciding with the GWS Giants' JLT Community Series match against Richmond and community camp in Wagga Wagga, the Tackle Your Feelings program visited four towns in Victoria's north-east and New South Wales' Riverina region to deliver the program to community football clubs.

Mental Health, Video - 2 years ago

Dawson Simpson: A Tackle Your Feelings story

Former GWS Giants and Geelong ruckman Dawson Simpson opens up on his mental health challenges and his recent experiences on the fire line during the 2019-20 bushfire season in Victoria. Simpson details the sense of community instilled within the Myrtleford Football Club and the significant impact they have been able to have on bringing the community back together after such adversity.

Video - 2 years ago

Tackle Your Feelings visits Murrumbidgee Council

The Tackle Your Feelings program partnered with the Murrumbidgee Council last month to deliver the program in the Riverina region of south-western NSW. The Murrumbidgee area, which has suffered significantly due to drought in recent years, is driven by the importance of local football in the region. Murrumbidgee council drought support officer Samantha Star said...

News - 2 years ago

Tackle Your Feelings goes online

We may not be able to visit your club at the moment, but you can still complete the Tackle Your Feelings program through online learning.

Blog, Mental Health - 2 years ago

Six tips to help drive community football engagement during COVID-19

Tackle Your Feelings have highlighted a list of our six most creative tips to help community clubs stay connected during these uncertain and challenging times.

Mental Health, Video - 2 years ago

Dylan Buckley: A Tackle Your Feelings story

Former Carlton player Dylan Buckley struggled to find his identity in his five seasons at the Blues amid some injury and form issues. But a move to Sydney, after an uncertain period in his life when he was unsure whether he would receive another AFL contract, to join the Giants, turned out to the best thing for him. Buckley found an outlet away from the field and developed his hugely-popular Dyl and Friends podcast that allowed him to discover his “purpose”.

Mental Health - 2 years ago

How might COVID-19 impact you?

Information to assist with understanding, recognising and managing the signs of mental health during COVID-19.

Blog - 2 years ago

From the TYF Program Manager’s desk…

TYF Program Manager Nick Walsh discusses the challenges, opportunities and highlights Tackle Your Feelings has faced so far this year.

Ambassador, Mental Health - 2 years ago

Managing the emotions of the team and individual during a challenging time

How do you manage the emotions of your players during a challenging time? GWS Giants coach Leon Cameron shares his ways.

Ambassador, Mental Health - 2 years ago

The mental side of injuries: rehab and recovery

"Early on in my time with the rehab group I became insular and reserved... But over time I learnt to lean on my support networks more than I ever have before."

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